Dr. U.S. Gautam (Director)

Dated 30th July, 2015


The Heads of SAUs /NGOs/ICAR Institutes/Govt. Departments interested to establish KVKs at Hapur, Samli, Sambhal, Kasganj & Amethi of Uttar Pradesh

Sub : Seeking applications for establishment of KVKs in ATARI-Zone-IV


The Indian Council of Agricultural Research would like to establish Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) at Hapur, Samli, Sambhal, Kasganj, Amethi and Allahabad additional KVK of Uttar Pradesh with 100% financial support from Government of India to meet the technological needs of the farmers.

Interested organizations having 50 acres of land (fulfilling land criteria listed in enclosure in case of SAUs and NGOs) with experience of working for farmers problems and willing to serve the farming community may apply for establishment KVK under their administrative control.

The application seeking KVK may be submitted to Director, ICAR-Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute (ATARI), Zone-IV, Near Vikas Bhavan, GT Road, Rawatpur, Kanpur-208002 (U.P.) in the enclosed format along with a copy to the undersigned. The necessary documents justifying the availability of land in the name of organization, experience in working with farmers problems, detailed district agricultural profile and credibility of organizational including registration details, vision, financial status, infrastructure available and audited statements may be submitted.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

Sd / Director

Encl :

  1. Proforma – Proposal of KVK.
  2. Requirement for the Establishment of New KVK.

Proposal For Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK)

  1. Name of the Scheme :
  2. New / Continuing :
  3. Location / Host Institution
    (a) Name and complete postal address of Host Institution :
    (b) Name and complete address of Officer In –charge who will deal with this scheme :
    (c) Name and address of actual KVK location :
    (d) Phone, Fax, cell Numbers and e-mail address of the Officer at (b) :
  4. Specific objectives of the scheme
    (a) Long Term :
    (b) Short Term :
  5. Background Information (a) A brief Historical Perspective and activities of the Host Institution :
    (b) Facilities available with the institution to support the technical programs of the KVK
    (i) Physical facilities available-Land/Farms, Buildings (Office, Classrooms etc.), Farmers Hostel etc. :
    (ii) Academic Facilities – Laboratories, Library, Workshop, Poultry and Dairy units, Piggery, Fishponds etc. :
    (iii) Other specific facilities such as Vehicles,
    Farm equipments, Audio visual aids and equipments etc. available, if any :
    (iv) Scientific and Technical Staff available in the host institution who may support the technical programs of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra Scheme (Specify them in terms of)
    - Full-time support
    - Part-time support
    - On Ad-hoc basis. (c) Other Agriculture and Allied Institution available in the district. (Indicate also approximate distance from the proposed KVK location) :
    (d) Population data (Give classified population data of the district (as per 2001 Census)
    I Rural and Urban population : ii Farming/Non-Farming population : iii Total population of the district : iv Large farmers/Smaller farmers/Marginal farmers/Hilly farmers :
    v Literacy rate for the district as a whole, for rural and urban population, for males and females etc. :
    vi Population of Scheduled caste, Scheduled tribes in the district and their percentage :
    to total population
    vii Agricultural Profile of the district :
    viii Data explaining the health, education, transportation, communication and banking features of the district :
    (e) Main occupations of the people in the district : (Give more details about the type of farming, major crops and related facilities available like canals, electricity, tanks, etc.)
    (f) Give a map of the district, indicating the location of the proposed KVK :
    (g) Experience of the host institution in relation to farmers’ technical needs (Give full details of existing unit/centre, if any) :
  6. Details of the proposed KVK - Technical Program
    (a) Need for a Krishi Vigyan Kendra : (b) Main Agricultural problems of the district : (c) Specific technical needs of the farmers :
    (d) Identify specific areas in the field of agriculture including livestock production based on the felt needs of the farmers for at least the first year :
    (e) Indicate the plan of work for the areas referred to at (d) above :
    (f) Facilities, which can be made available by the host institution exclusively for the proposed KVK – land, buildings, equipment, vehicles,
    staff etc :
  7. Facilities : (Give details of facilities required for the scheme) (a) Facilities which can be shared by the proposed KVK with the host Institution (free of charge) :
    i. List of equipments and apparatus : ii. Area of land / number of livestock : iii. Farm/dairy unit/poultry unit /piggery etc. : iv. Main buildings, classrooms, hostel etc. : v. Laboratory and Office facilities etc. :
    (b) Specific facilities required for the proposedKVK in terms of
    i. Staff :
    ii. Equipments (please attach a list of equipments with approximate cost)
    - Audio – Visual Equipment :
    - Agricultural Equipment :
    - Dairy Equipment :
    - Home Science and Nutrition :
    iii. Modest buildings :
    iv. Vehicles etc. :
  8. Duration of scheme :
  9. Staff Requirements :
  10. Financial Outlay of the scheme
    (Year-wise and Head-wise) :
  11. Abstract of Expenditure
    (a) Recurring :
    (b) Non-recurring :
    (c) Total

Certified that

The scale of pay and Allowances etc. proposed in the scheme are those admissible to persons of corresponding status employed under Agricultural University of the State.

Signature of Vice-Chancellor / Chairman / Secretary

Requirement for the Establishment of New KVK

+ The minimum requirement of land for the establishment of KVK is 20 ha.

+ The land should be free of cost and rent. The land should be in the name of the host organization.

+ In case of SAU/Govt. organizations Executive order from the competent authority should be provided for the allotment of the land for the purpose of KVK and it should be accompanied by the proof for the ownweship of the land in the form of RTC/lease deed.

+ In case of site proposed by NGOs, the following conditions to be adhered.

+ The land proposed should be absolute property of the organization and not a single or joint property in the name of any individual.

+ The land should be free from all encumbrances, attachments and litigation.

+ The organization should have clear and marketable title to the land/property.

+ The NGO should mortgage the land in favour of ICAR

+ Plan of the location of the proposed land in the district along with the master plan of the land should accompany the proposal.

+ The location of KVK may be as far as possible in the central part of the district and easily accessible.

+ Place should have educational and other civic facilities for the staff and their families.

+ The farm area should be a piece of contiguous land, cultivable with permanent source of water supply at least for drinking and part of the area to be irrigated.

+ The KVK site should be surrounded with sufficient number of villages having farmers, farm women, labourers etc.

+ The Host Institute, including NGO, should have experience in agricultural and rural development work for a minimum period of three years immediately preceding the year in which sanction is sought.

+ The sources of funding of the Host Institute, specially NGOs, and its audit reports for the preceding three years should be studied to know the financial position and stability of the Host Institute before sanctioning a KVK.

Memorandum of Understanding

For effective and successful implementation of the project of KVK, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and the Grantee/Host Institution shall be entered into. There are two formats of MoU approved by the competent authority. One for Governmental Organizations and the other for Non-Governmental Organizations. The terms and conditions of the Council for governing grants to the Agricultural Universities / NGOs / State Governments for the successful implementation of the scheme on Krishi Vigyan Kendra is given in MOU which should be signed before fund is released from the council.

Mortgage of land and Indemnity bond

In case of proposals of NGOs for establishment of KVK are finalized, the site selected should be mortgaged to the Council along with signing of indemnity bond by the host institution before signing of MoU. The registered mortgage documents along with the original land documents and indemnity bond should be submitted to the Council before sanction of KVK to NGOs. The cost involved for mortgaging will be initially borne by the concerned NGO and the Council will reimburse 50% of the cost.

  Invitation of Proposal for Establishmnet of New/Additional KVK in Uttar Pradesh