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Monthly Report on Comprehensive Action Plan for submitting to PMO

S.No. Community Radio Stations (CRS) No of programmes in a month Total broadcast hrs in a month Please specify details of the broadcasts in brief
A Agricultural Broadcasts
i) Talks/interviews/discussions with experts, PG students/ and farmers on Agricultural technologies
ii) Agroclimatic conditions, weather and marketing advisory
iii) Phone –in programme of interface with experts
iv) Phone in programme with interface of progressive/innovative farmers
v) Success stories of progressive farmers
vi) Success stories in FLD/OFT/ Trainings /Extension activities
vii) Women in agriculture programme
viii) Discussions on current issues in agriculture and allied sectors.
ix) KVK happenings
x) Agricultural University professors.
xi) Any other(please specify)
B Community development broadcasts
i) Radio Talk
ii) Kisan Gosthies
iii) Other
S.No. Activity/ Action Plan No. of Programmes No. of Participants Thematic Areas/ agri enterprises/ proven technologies/ crops, animals etc.
1 Interventions of KVKs having soil testing facility to provide technological backstopping on soil health cards to Agriculture Departments at district level.  
A) Training to extension personnel
b) Advisories to farmers
c) Any other intervention
2 Training of Rural Youths/farmers in the areas of soil and water management at KVKs/SAUs and also in collection of soil samples and its analysis at each of the identified soil testing centers/ KVKs.  
Number of soil samples collected and analyzed by each of the KVKs having soil and water labs
3 Number of Demonstrations conducted in farmers’ field on profitability of proven technologies.
4 Animal Husbandry programmes technologies including feeding and management of animals  
i) Training programmes organized
ii) Demonstration conducted
iii) Demonstrations on water conservation practices
iv) Demonstrations on micro-irrigation
5 Training of farmers  
Balanced use of fertilizers
Integrated nutrient management
Liquid fertilizers